In 1977 a group of now Texas legends came together and formed a sport karate circuit for Texas- The Amateur Organization of Karate (A.O.K.).


Karate Legends, Roy D. Kurban, George Minshew, Ishmael Robles, Jose Santamaria, Joe Alvarado and Mickey Fisher formed one of the longest continually running martial arts sport organizations.


Texas is bigger than life and the Karate here is no different. The A.O.K. circuit is responsible for the two-point kick rule, and for some of the most exciting karate players who ever played the game. Now, forty years later, The A.O.K is as strong as ever. 

The A.O.K supports good sportsmanship, teaching, attitude and fair play with a set of rules strictly adhered to at every event. At the end of each year, the producers meet to study needed updates to rules and to have a State Championship of qualifying competitors. 


The Golden Greek Award is given as a best-player award for outstanding kata and fighting though out the tournament season. This award is presented to the top male and female, junior, adult and executive level black belts.  It was named for Demitrius "Golden Greek" Havanas. At the time of Mr. Havanas’ death he was considered to be one of the best fighters Texas ever produced. With that in mind, the organization decided to continue his memory by naming their top award in his honor.

The Walt Mason Award is given to the non-A.O.K. producer that has distinguished themselves as a leader in the Texas martial arts community. Mr. Mason joined the AO.K. as a producer in 1980 and did much to improve the sport, as well as being the A.O.K. President for several years, until his death in 2001. As an honor to Mr. Mason, the Walt Mason Award is given.

The Instructor of the Year award is given to the top 10 instructors in each region that have the most number of competitors qualify for the A.O.K. State Championships.

The judges and referees that run the most number of divisions are honored by receiving the Judges of the Year awards. Awards are given in each region of competition.

The top male and female adult competitors that are in their first year of black belt competition are honored by receiving the Rookie of the Year awards.


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After attending a 5,000 person Olympic team qualifier tournament and observing the challenges, with some families lined up for up to 5+ hours just waiting to check-in, it became obvious a better system was needed. It had to be something that not only addressed the registration & check-in fiasco, but it needed to provide the whole venue and ring management, including integration with the electronic scoring gear. With a background and 3 degrees in Computer Science and 11,000+ man-hours later, we have the (3 patents-pending) EventsReg system. It is done and polished? Never!  Upgrades are being made weekly. Every recommendation gets considered for inclusion and your suggestions continue to help us improve the products and services we provide.

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